Let’s talk briefly about how gay Hallie was for tie-dye tomboy with the cool hair.


aaronrts #flashbackfriday with the wonderful @aliyahobrien on the set of #SOTA… (x)

aaronrts #flashbackfriday with the wonderful @aliyahobrien on the set of #SOTA… (x)

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3 cute girls talking to me on tinder right now say whaaaaat.


A.J.COOK at CBS 2014 TCA Summer Press Tour [HD]



Emily, I knew they’d call you. I knew it.

Criminal Minds 9x14 200

I had the greatest night last night with a couple of the girls from work! This is what I drank:

3 vodka/lemon cocktails, a frozen margarita, a glass of sangria, a shot of something idk what, and three soco and lemonades, two of them were double shots. Plus I had a large bottle of orchard crush as a pre drink. So that’s about 13 standard drinks or so hahaha.

I ended up crashing on one of their couches because the buses stopped running back to my aunty’s house. But boy have I paid for it today. Personal training did not help at all either.

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